Acculift™ Laser Liposuction Jackson MS

Acculift is a procedure that is used to tighten the skin of the neck while also removing fat from the area under the chin. This procedure uses a special type of laser along with liposuction to dissolve the fat and also to create new collagen under the skin, which leads to tightening of the skin.

The procedure is done in the office using local anesthesia similar to that in a Dentist’s office along with mild sedation by mouth. It takes about 30 minutes to perform and patients are able to go home wearing an elastic chin strap. Most people experience some mild bruising and swelling of the skin of the neck, but very little discomfort, and are able to return to light activities and normal routines the next day.

Patients who are good candidates for this procedure are younger with mild degrees of loose skin and fat beneath the chin. People with greater degrees of skin looseness may require a face or neck lift instead.


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