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Our double board certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. J. Randall Jordan and Dr. J. George Smith, perform Cheiloplasty procedures for the residents of Jackson and surrounding communities in Mississippi.

Full lips have become a symbol of sensuousness and youth.  As part of the aging process, the lips become more thin and reduced in height.  Some people are born with thin or flattened lips.  Many physicians have used the injection of materials such as fat or collagen to produce a fuller, larger lip.  All of these substances provide only temporary augmentation of three to six months at the most.

A more recently developed procedure known as the lip advancement can provide a permanent solution.  All persons may not be a candidate for this procedure.  Little increase in actual fullness is gained, but the height of the lip can be considerably increased.  This may be particularly important for the older patient.  Men are not particularly good candidates since their beard hair may then grow too close to the lips.  all patients must be willing to accept temporary deformity and lumpiness of the lip border.

Cheiloplasty procedure

When performed alone, this procedure can be carried out under light sedation and local anesthesia alone.  Incisions are marked out so as to remove a strip of skin along the upper or lower lip border, and then the red portion of the lip is advanced to meet the new skin edge.  The lip is always over corrected in the beginning as to account for some recoil.  Self dissolving sutures are used which disappear in five to seven days.  The lip must be cleaned with Hydrogen Peroxide several times a day and an antibiotic ointment applied.

Cheiloplasty recovery period?

Healing is usually complete in one week and lipstick can then be applied.  Pain is minimal.  As previously mentioned, irregularity and lumpiness of the lip margin may persist for several weeks.

possible Cheiloplasty complications

True complications of this procedure are rare. Scarring along the lip margin may occur due to healing factors beyond the surgeons control.  Asymmetry of the lip margin requiring revision surgery is an uncommon problem, but can usually be readily corrected.


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