Otoplasty | Ear Surgery in Jackson MS

Our double board certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. J. Randall Jordan and Dr. J. George Smith, perform Otoplasty procedures for the residents of Jackson and surrounding communities in Mississippi.

Otoplasty is the surgical procedure used to reposition abnormally prominent ears. Prominent ears are usually an inherited trait and occur throughout the family tree. The emotional distress caused by the taunts of playmates is often unappreciated by those with normally shaped ears.  For this reason, the surgery is usually performed at age 5, before school has begun. By this age, the ears have reached approximately 90 percent of their adult size.  Often one ear is more prominent than the other, but both are usually corrected in order to obtain better symmetry.  The improvement in both appearance and self image is rewarding to patient, doctor, and family alike.  Because this is a congenital deformity, some health insurance plans will help with the costs of the surgery.  This will be discussed at the time of the consultation.

Otoplasty Procedure

For young children, general anesthesia in a hospital is usually required, but the patient can usually go home after surgery.  All incisions are made on the back of the ear so as to be fairly well hidden.  The ear is pulled back and held in place with permanent sutures beneath the skin. Initially the ear is placed tightly against the head to allow for some tendency to returns to the original position. This happens because the cartilage in the ear acts like plastic and is very springy.  A headdressing is worn for the first few days after surgery.

Otoplasty recovery

The headdressing will be changed and replaced the first morning after surgery.  On the third day the headdress is replaced with an elastic sweatband-type dressing to be worn at night.  Young children must be kept fairly quiet, i.e. away from playmates who may roughhouse and disturb the operated parts.  This is important for two weeks.  The recovery period is usually uneventful if instructions are followed.  There is virtually no pain with this procedure.

possible Otoplasty complications

Damage to the ear by a playmate is perhaps the highest risk in this procedure.  There is a risk of  recurrence of the original deformity of approximately 5 percent.  This is due to the plastic nature of the cartilage of the ear.  Less common complications include bleeding and infection.  The latter would be signified by redness and tenderness of the ear.


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